LED Sign Hire

Love Letters (1.2m)

Mr & Mrs Letters (1.2m)

Made from high quality wood and strong Acrylic for the LED 1.2m Letters, these LED letters not only look great, but will be a complement to your Ceremony or Reception. 

Each letter of LOVE stands at 1.2m tall and ……long. Mr & Mrs stand at 1.1m high and spand….. long. The letters can be spread apart or stay together. They come with remote to control color modes. IF required for more then 1 hour, they must be plugged into power. 

LED numbers

We have LED sign Numbers which are 81cm high suitable for any special birthday. These consist of 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th etc. They have a remote which allows them to change up to 12 colours to suit the theme of your event.

Lighting, Slushy Hire and More

We have a range of room effects to hire for your next event, wedding, birthday or special occasion. These machines will add some cool effects at your next party or even for your wedding first dance. They are versatile and can be used for a range of different parties to suit the theme of your event.

Room Effects

Food Options

Looking for Food Options like Donuts, Fairy Floss and Pancakes, Hot Dogs and a Slushie? Add these food options for the ultimate party

Candy Buffet and Donut Wall

Fill the jars to the top with delectable sweets that will keep your quests buzzing. Lots of fun for any age group. We can fill the Jars for you at a affordable price, we will provide the sweets that you are after and make the candy buffet the way you are wanting them. We will source the sweets for you if your wanting us to design it for you.

Candy Buffet 1

$ 20
  • 8 Jars
  • 2 Platters
  • 6 Scoops / Tongs

Candy Buffet 2

$ 30
  • 9 - 10 Jars
  • 1 Cake Stand
  • 2 Platters
  • 6 Scoops / Tongs

Donut Wall

$ 30
  • Up to 50 donuts
  • Adjustable Hooks
  • Can supply donuts***

Lawn Games

Add that extra piece of fun to your day with our Giant Outdoor Lawn Games. With 21 Lawn Games to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Lawn Game Packages

Save $$$ by hiring a package